About She's a Boss

Empowering Women to Empower Themselves
She’s a Boss is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women find their entrepreneurial spirit. We are a resource as they explore, pursue, and build their career.
Our Mission, Vision, and Values
Our mission is to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit within female students and young professionals as well as support, enhance, and accelerate the professional development of entrepreneurial women. We will achieve this mission by:
  • Raising awareness on the value of an entrepreneurial career
  • Motivating young women to prepare for and pursue a career in entrepreneurship
  • Educating women on the importance of career long professional development
  • Empowering women to actively participate in their personal and professional growth
  • Producing events and programs where young women can learn from accomplished women in business

Our vision is to be involved in the professional development of students and young alumni. We want to be a change agent for women entering or already in the workforce; we want them to know that entrepreneurial and other self-employed careers are within reach when you have the right support. We are working towards offering scholarships for business students and business development grants for women who want to grow their business.

Our efforts will be marked by the increase in women who choose business majors and by the number of women who report “starting a business” as a post graduate activity. We believe that through support, education, and networking, women will feel empowered and more equipped to pursue an entrepreneurial career.

The following values and actions will guide us in achieving our vision:

Aim for above the standard

Take responsibility for thoughts, actions, and behaviors

See plans and goals through with 100% effort

Work/Life Balance
Balance lifestyle to include work and time away from work

Our Audience
We target two groups of women: students and recent graduates aged 18-26 and accomplished women in business age 30 or older. To achieve our mission, we think it is key for these two groups of women to interact because the natural transfer of knowledge can enhance learning and professional development.

How to Benefit and Support
If you fall into our audience demographic, you should join our Leadership Club. The Leadership Club organizes members-only networking, mentoring, and other special events. You can also join our group on Facebook.

If you do not fall into our audience demographic, you can still show your support by signing up for our mailing list to receive our monthly digest, Professionally Yours.

Everyone is also welcome to show their support by following us on Twitter and following our blog, the Golden Briefcase. We appreciate every follow, every share, every retweet, and every mention. Everything counts and we are always humbled by the support we receive.

In addition, we are always looking for sponsors and event partners; if you or someone you know would be interested in sponsoring or donating to She’s a Boss, please send an inquiry through our contact page. We would love to discuss how we can form a mutually beneficial relationship!