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New Partnership Will Result in Changes to She’s a Boss
She’s a Boss is planning to realize their vision sooner than expected with the endorsement of a local investment group.

UPSTATE, NY (July 10, 2012) —— Early last month, She’s a Boss was welcomed into the MPACK Collection, a group of entrepreneurs, businesses, and ventures supported by The Mercy Group (The M Group). An improved She’s a Boss logo, to be released later this year, will be the first noticeable effect of the partnership.
The MPACK Collection “premieres product and service launches from highly selective clientele whom inspire to bring positive change to business and living.” The Collection also has an online platform for MCollection members to showcase their brands and their visions. Though The Mercy Group is owned by TMG Global Holdings Inc., an investment and advisement company, each client under the TMG umbrella of services owns all the rights and ideas associated with their respective ventures.
“This partnership will connect us with the resources we need to build and develop the She’s a Boss brand,” says Executive Director, Liska Wilson. “Up until now I’ve been doing the footwork and managing all the aspects of She’s a Boss myself. With help from The M Group, my vision for She’s a Boss will be realized with better timing and more expertise.”
Along with the coming of a new logo, The M Group has plans to help with the launch of a fundraising campaign for She’s a Boss. To learn more about The MPACK Collection, The Mercy Group, and TMG Global Holdings Inc., please visit To learn more about the upcoming fundraising campaign, stay tuned to the She's a Boss website and subscribe to the Professionally Yours newsletter to receive updates to your inbox.

Speed Mentoring Event to Be Held Late June 2012
She’s a Boss, a startup nonprofit, is hosting a speed mentoring event to empower female students and young professionals

April 15, 2012 (UPSTATE, NY) —— The She’s a Boss Leadership Club is hosting their first event Wednesday, June 20th at 6:30PM. Attendees will receive information from five experienced women entrepreneurs and business professionals on the topic of developing and building a business. Female students and recent graduates with interest in entrepreneurship, business ownership, and self-employment are encouraged to register on the She’s a Boss website when registration opens June 1st.

Speed mentoring is a quick way to network, receive advice, and scout for mentors. At this mentoring event, mentors will meet with several small groups of mentees. Each meeting will be done in timed intervals of eight to fifteen minutes where the mentees will have the opportunity to receive feedback on their business plans and ideas. Refreshments and time for additional networking will also be available at the end of the event.

More details will continue to be released on the She’s a Boss website as the event approaches. If you would like to receive a reminder to register for the event or you would like to mentor at future events, you should sign up for the Leadership Club. The Leadership Club creates opportunities for mentoring, learning, and networking to take place between entrepreneurial women from older and younger generations.

 Siena Grad Hopes to Help Women
An article about us in the Spotlight News!
(May 22, 2012) — When Liska Wilson was laid off last fall, she knew that even with a degree in marketing management from Siena College, getting someone to hire her would be an uphill battle. So, she took matters into her own hands...

She’s a Boss: Same Vision, New Mission
She’s a Boss is making changes to their organization and adjusting their approach

April 16, 2012 (UPSTATE, NY) —— She’s a Boss, a startup nonprofit, has changed their mission statement to better reflect their vision for the organization. In the process they have also changed their Mentoring Program. The mission change is effective immediately and the program change will go live in May.

New Mission Statement: to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in female students and young professionals and to support, enhance, and accelerate the professional development of entrepreneurial women.

Old Mission Statement: to cultivate an interest in entrepreneurship and business ownership within women, especially young minority women, and to support them during their personal and professional development.

“She’s a Boss hasn’t really changed,” says Executive Director Liska Wilson. “The new mission statement just does a better job of describing our organization and what we’ve already been doing.”

The She’s a Boss Mentoring Program, which was launched under their old mission statement, will be replaced with The She’s a Boss Leadership Club in May. Like the Mentoring Program, the Leadership Club will still focus on bringing together entrepreneurial professionals from older and younger generations, but the approach will be slightly different. More details on this change will be released in the She’s a Boss e-newsletter, Professionally Yours, later this month. Visit their blogsite to subscribe to the newsletter.