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Inbox Interview 6: ...A Writer from the Start

After working for the New York State Assembly for years, one final pass up sent Lishone’ Genovese’s career in a very different direction; one that she would have complete control over. She is real, straightforward, and resilient — traits that have helped her in life and in building a successful business all without wavering on her beliefs.

Guided by faith, Lishone’ launched Zls Publishing. What is now (and has been for years), “Albany, NY’s #1 Book Publishing Company.” In addition, her company also publishes Pen and Profit$, a magazine for authors and entrepreneurs.

Read her interview to find out just what led her to owning her own business and her advice to help you do the same. Don’t judge this article from the intro; it only scratches the surface. Read on and you will be intrigued. Enjoy ©

#ShesaBoss: What was your career path like; what led you to book publishing and owning your own company?

Lishone’: My career path is nothing like I imagined it would be. When I was a little kid, I wanted to be either a writer, a singer or a dancer. When I was in high school, I wanted to be an attorney or in entertainment. When I got to college, I realized that entertainment wasn't for me and decided I wanted to be a judge. God had other ideas. I went to work for the New York State Assembly and my experiences there showed me that government and politics are not for me. I started my business after I had been passed up three times for a promotion and my boss pulled me into her office, thanked me for training everyone she had promoted ahead of me, told me I did great work, but if I wanted to move up I'd have to change my personality. What she was telling me is that I don't kiss booty and in order to move up, I'd have to kiss some behind. I wasn't raised to do that, so I knew at that very moment, this wasn't what I was suppose to be doing or where I was suppose to be.

I went back to my desk saying a prayer and asking God to lead me to where I'm suppose to be because obviously this is not it. I heard book publishing. I just accepted that. I had already been writing for a magazine for 10years, had already been published as a co-author in about 4 books at that time, had already written an article for the Buffalo Law Review, so writing wasn't a problem. I did some research, found there were no book publishing companies located anywhere in Albany, NY and started doing some research.
I heard the voice of God and just jumped into the path that he wanted to place me. There are no entrepreneurs in my family; I'm the first. Doing it just felt right. I was miserable at the NYS Assembly and so when I analyzed what God had told me to do, I just knew owning my own company was the perfect thing for me. Plus, I could leave it to my daughter.

#ShesaBoss: Besides "not kissing booty,” what other principles or values guided your career choices?

June/July 2012 Issue
Lishone’: I grew up in foster care. I was adopted but the adoption didn't work out because I was abused. While in foster care, I was lucky enough to get involved with a foster care advocacy organization where I learned about my rights in foster care. Knowing I had rights changed everything. I have always been resilient and have always been a fighter but now I had a longing for justice. That wanting to right the wrongs done by others is what had me wanting to be an attorney and a judge until I realized it wasn't for me. This is still with me, although I use it differently. No other publishing company provides as much information about publishing as my company does and for me, this is my way of making sure that authors get the right information and that if they are done wrong by someone, they have the tools necessary to make sure they don't get done wrong again and again.

I know there are so many folks that will take advantage of authors and if my tips can prevent that because an author is better informed, then that is what my hope is and that is what I'm going to do

#ShesaBoss: How do you define career success?

Lishone’: Good question. For me, it's a few things: 1) Accomplishing the stuff on my goals list, 2) Knowing that I'm helping authors out and knowing that what we provide helps them out and helps them accomplish their goals, 3) Career success is having created something I can leave to my daughter one day. It's creating a legacy to leave behind.

#ShesaBoss: With that being said, have you achieved your definition of career success; or do you have more career aspirations you plan to achieve?

Lishone’: For the most part I have. There are still some books I plan on getting out, growing the business a little more, that sort of thing. The longer you are in business, you will find that your goals and career objectives will change, so I know I haven't accomplished everything on my list as there are some things that aren't on my list yet. At the present time, I have no intentions on starting another business, but God may have other plans. I'm open to them and whatever my future holds.

#ShesaBoss: What advice would you give a young entrepreneur or authorpreneur trying to make a name for themselves inside an organization or in their community?

Lishone’: I would tell a young entrepreneur a few things: 1) Listen to your gut. You've been given it for a reason, use it as it will help you along your entrepreneurial journey. 2) Listen to the advice of others who have been where you are trying to go. They have already been through the hurdles, listen to them so you don't go through the same hurdles. 3) Spend your money wisely. Don't get over excited and waste money on things not needed for your business. 4) Have some integrity. Nothing will sink your business faster than a lack of integrity. People will talk about you, your lack thereof and it will ruin everything you are trying to do. Always be honest, remember the morals you were raised with and use them every day. Your business has a better chance of growing when you show and practice integrity.

To learn more about Zls Publishing visit Also, like Pen and Profit$ on Facebook to stay connected! It is a great resource to authors and entrepreneurs looking to get their business (or book) off the ground.

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  1. I first met Lishone' at a writers conference in Albany, and when she stood up to ask the speaker a question, I knew she was a motivated, intelligent woman. As an author, published 8 times, I knew I wanted such a person, and her company in my corner. One year later I signed a contract with ZLS Publishing for my paranormal romance, ALTERED JOURNEY. I have never regretted being a part of the ZLS family, or in meeting Lishone'. She is there for her authors, hungry to get them ahead, and on fire with new ideas. I wish her success in all she does.