Sunday, July 1, 2012

Short List of Networking DOs and DONTs

The best network is a sustainable network. Developing one involves increasing the number of circles in your network while developing the circles you already have and the people in them. The best way to do both is through value added interactions.
Below are some DOs and DONTs of conducting value added interactions on and offline. Using them as a guide, you can develop your circles and connections to create your own sustainable network!
DON’T add someone to your group without permission
DO post relevant content to groups and pages without trying to sell or promote something
DON’T use text language for ANY of your professional messages, questions, etc
DO offer guidance and feedback in response to questions and inquiries
DON’T spam groups, pages, and walls (even your own) with promotions and content (even if it’s relevant!)
DO interact on holidays and weekends
DON’T conduct 100% of your networking online
DO meet online connections offline
DON’T get too personal, but
DO share your story

DON’T attend an event uninvited, unregistered, or unannounced
DO host your own networking events
DON’T lead conversations with a pitch
DO combine professionalism with personality
DON’T give out your business card too eagerly
DO convey in person the image you project online
DON’T treat everyone like a prospect
DO keep in touch with people you’ve made a connection with
DON’T gossip (even if parties involved remain anonymous), but
DO share leads, advice, and other appropriate information

What are some DOs and DONTs you’d include?

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  1. This is a great list! I would add, DO utilize social media to network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).