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Inbox Interview 01 :: The Scoop on DBA Filing...It's Easier Than You Think!

Meet Keyalonda Frink, She’s a Boss member and owner of Klazzique Nails, a nail service specializing in natural nail care as well as handmade foot and hand scrubs. In the future, lotions and oils will also make their way onto Frink’s specialty product list.

"Got my DBA today and license yesterday…Yay Me…..Thank You Jesus………."

That was Key’s Facebook status from earlier this month and it is what prompted this month’s Inbox Interview.  On a whim, I decided to pick her brain a little on how she completed the process.
#ShesaBoss: Getting your DBA is a big step. How does it feel knowing you’re now an official business in NYS?
Keyalonda: It feels awesome although this is just the beginning. I have plenty more work to do.
#SaB: I can only imagine how good it must feel. Having not gotten to that point yet myself, can you describe the route you took on filing your DBA?
Key: I picked up an application from the county clerk’s office and it’s only $30 to file. [Although I did not use one], it is recommended that you consult with an attorney, but [an attorney is] not necessary to obtain your DBA. I also made sure that there were no other businesses in my county registered with my desired/intended business name… was all a piece of; anyone can do it J You even get your paperwork the same day you register.

#SaB: So what’s next for you on this entrepreneurial journey?
Key: Well once I finish getting my supplies and promotional materials together, I will [begin] offering [my] mobile [nail care] services. I am due to start working in a spa within the next few weeks to get a more hands on experience on how to run one. I have connected with a few salons as well to do work with them when they need the help.
#SaB: Mobile services…nice. Sounds like you have lots of moving parts and a great plan in place. Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for someone who thinks they may be ready for their DBA?
Key: Go for it! The only thing stopping you is you. Think positive, leverage your associations, and believe. Progress is a process [so] don’t get discouraged.

*some responses were edited for clarity and flow

Thanks Key for your time and insight! If you would like to contact Key or view more of her work you can find her on Facebook as Keyalonda Yvonne F or you can leave her a comment here.
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