Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why the Golden Briefcase? Part II

[Read Part I].....I decided on the title “the Golden Briefcase” because a briefcase suggests business and professionalism and gold is associated with enlightenment and success. All things I want She’s a Boss to represent. Gold has value and so will She’s a Boss and the Golden Briefcase blog.

There are only a few posts now, but as this blog grows, what you find here will educate, inform, and empower; it will always be of value. I encourage you, in fact, I challenge you to provide feedback, leave comments, and ask questions. If there’s something you want to see, let us know; we’re up for the undertaking.
So in summary, this blog was named the Golden Briefcase because like gold, it’s valuable and like a briefcase, it holds information.
Now, I recall offering a small prize to whoever commented Part I with the closest matching explanation of the meaning behind the Golden Briefcase. It was tough, but after mulling it over and conducting a few Google searches, I have to agree with Karla Reeves and the definition I found on that the Golden Briefcase is indeed, a metaphor; the blog is a briefcase because it holds information and it (the information and the blog itself) is golden because it’s valuable.
Congrats Karla Reeves!
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