Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Movement

.....................................................So, what exactly is She’s a Boss?

I've been asked this many times and to be honest, it’s really a work in progress. Yes it’s a networking group and Yes it’s for women, but I want She’s a Boss to become more than that.
I have this vision in my head that I’m still working on, but She’s a Boss was created to bridge the gap between professional women of different generations and races. In particular, She’s a Boss is for women who are (or aspire to be) entrepreneurs, business owners, or otherwise self-employed.
Join the Movement!
Ultimately, I want She’s a Boss to become an established nonprofit that offers a variety of professional development programs. As a start, my team and I recently launched the She’s a Boss Mentoring Program. As we grow I hope She’s a Boss will have a positive impact on women of all ages.
Find us on these social networks to join us in the movement!
Network with us on Facebook! This is a member driven group so don’t be afraid to participate. Post leads, share ideas, or whatever else you feel. Just use your judgment and try to keep it clean.
The Golden Briefcase is only a small business folder right now, but I dream big and hopefully this blog will grow into something epic…click to find out how the Golden Briefcase got its name!
In the She’s a Boss Facebook group we have Friday Feel Good where we post motivating words, quotes, and images. @ShesaBossNY we post “feel good” content every day. If you need a mental muse, follow us on Twitter! We also tweet facts, tips, and relevant articles.
So join us! Join the movement of women claiming career independence. The workplace is changing and we don’t need to commit to someone else’s rules. Being happily self-employed is very real and very attainable. Women finding their passion, pursuing it and living it well; THAT’S the movement! THAT’S She’s a Boss.

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