Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Key(s) to Opportunity

At our Business for Brunch last Saturday the speaker touched on his four key points for recognizing and seizing opportunity. I wanted to share it with all the other Bosses and Bosses to be — I also thought it would make a great addition to the Golden Briefcase. Enjoy©

4 Keys to Recognizing & Seizing Opportunity

Key 1 - “Know yourself and what you’re good at”

This is important because it’s only opportunity if you have the capacity to handle it. The speaker asked us what we thought our strengths were; I know firsthand that this can be a tough question to answer sometimes, but knowing the answer can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. So ask yourself, what are my strengths?

Key 2 - “Have a plan”
You have to know where you want to be professionally (and personally!) in order to recognize something as opportunity because it’s only opportunity if it helps get you there…one way or the other.

Think about your 5-year plan. Know it in and out, every detail, every smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound. Really see your vision in your minds eye. Know it and own it!

Buuut…also keep in mind that plans can change AND they usually do.

Will you recognize opportunity when it's staring you in the face?
Key 3 - “Know your environment”

Be very aware of what’s going on around you. Know what’s going on in your industry, your community, and your government. Even better, take that one step further by knowing what’s going on in other industries and other communities. Knowledge is power and the more you know the better a position you put yourself in to spot and seize opportunity. You can increase your odds of recognizing opportunity just by knowing more of what’s going on around you, so never stop learning!

Key 4 - “Keep a positive attitude”

A positive attitude will help you keep yourself motivated and by simply being positive, other people will be drawn to support you.

“People want to support positive people”
                            --Ken Williams, Business for Brunch speaker

I think that about sums it up…

Any questions?

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