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Inbox Interview 02 :: Fashionista, Accountant, Entrepreneur!

Czhanell of C Her Sparkle describes herself as a multi-faceted, strong and open-minded woman. From the interview, you can tell she is confident and full of life. Czhanell is also another thing. Czhanell is in demand. She travels between Albany and Brooklyn, NY doing jewelry shows, catering, and more!
Between all of her projects I don’t know how she fits in personal time, but lucky for us she found time for She’s a Boss and the Golden Briefcase blog! This month’s Inbox Interview is the result! She gives a book full of insight on fashion, life and expanding your horizons! Enjoy ©
#ShesaBoss: So Czhanell, you were involved in a show February 3rd at the Steamer 10 in Albany, NY; can you tell us more about that and how we can learn about future shows?
Backstage at the show!
Czhanell: My involvement in the Steamer 10 show came together after the producers of the show heard of C Her Sparkle through members of 4ever Young and Urban Guerilla Theatre. They wanted to add an intriguing and interesting twist to the night other than poetry and music performances. I gladly accepted and that night I had 15 giveaways for the ladies in the audience The giveaways included jewelry, clutches and stilettos from my brand.
You can learn about future shows through my consistently updated Facebook business page! The next event I will be a part of is a SIP-n-CHAT on Saturday, March 24, 2012. It is an entrepreneurial event coordinated by JL Marshall & Co in Brooklyn, NY. I will be showcasing and speaking a little bit about my brand. In May I will be resuming my popular accessory parties in Brooklyn and the surrounding boroughs of New York City; my accessory parties are a classy and elegant monthly event! I’m also working on becoming a vendor at the Cultural Arts Festivities this August 2012 at the Plaza in Albany, NY. I am focused and creating productivity in the process.  I Love IT!
#ShesaBoss: What else can you tell us about C Her Sparkle-By Czhanell?
Lady Sparkle
Czhanell: I’ve been in business since the summer of 2009. My mission is to get women to step out of bounds with fashion! As long as it works and you have the confidence level, swag (body language), and a smile to complete what you’re rocking and showcasing-THEN IT’S WELL WORTH IT! My products range from jewelry to bags to stilettos and they are very inexpensive — jewelry: $5-$40, handbags/clutches: $20-$50 & stilettos: $35-$60.  My motto is: Buy inexpensive and look expensive! It’s all about the stylish eye you have to have and how it coordinates with your confidence, style and energy — that’s what people will feed off of.

#ShesaBoss: What made you decide to start your own company and where do you hope to take it?
Czhanell: What made me decide to start my own company was how I felt about my sense of style. People say to me they would never think to put styles together the way I do, but it works and it looks amazing. I make sure that it’s classy, stylish, elegant, and reserved yet still sexy.
Growing up I’ve always been an “abnormal” kind of gal, in a positive and influential way regarding fashion!  People that know me and are getting to know me can tell you that I have my own unique, funky and sexy style. I like stepping outside of the box and trying new things from makeup designs, shoes, plain fabrics to prints, handbags, clutches and jewelry. When I wasn’t satisfied with a design my mom would always say, “Take it off and stay creative while trying something else or another look until you’re comfortable and content with the class and style of the look you’ve envisioned!”
I plan to build an empire with my brand by taking it to a completely new level — from fixed locations to traveling shows that market and promote my brand in different states and cities. I want to reach my current and potential customers through my soon to come website, radio shows, and other ways that I'll continue to explore.
#ShesaBoss: Do you own any other businesses or work any other jobs?
Czhanell: Yes, I own other businesses. I have a catering service based in Brooklyn, NY called CZHANELL’S CATERING SVCS. I’ve done wedding receptions as well as bridal and baby showers.  In addition, every year during the holiday seasons, I have a few faithful clients that hire me to render catering services for their family.
I am also an accountant and will soon begin preparing for my Bar Exams to become a CPA.  Currently, I oversee and manage the office and staff of a tax services company in Brooklyn, NY. The company is a couple years old now and is owned by a beautiful couple I know.
#ShesaBoss: This final question ties into our office theme for the month: How would you define the phrase “expand your horizons” and what advice can you give on the subject?
Czhanell: My definition of this phrase is what I have been speaking about, metaphorically, through this interview. It means thinking outside the box with your craft or crafts and continuing to re-invent yourself on as many levels as you can. Don’t get comfortable and complacent with where you are with your brand
Think “abnormal” because you never know where that mindset can take you and whom you will reach. Learn all that you can even if it’s not in your field, I guarantee you it will be helpful down the line and you can apply it somewhere in your world or in someone else’s world. Expanding your horizons also means growing, learning and enhancing what you already know regarding your craft. You will shock yourself when you stretch your thinking and your ability. You will begin to see doors open for you and you will notice those doors that are ajar waiting for you and your brand to make an entrance! People, known and unknown, are waiting for your gift and creativity. You will be amazed!
*some responses were edited for clarity and flow
Thanks again for being our March Inbox Interview Czhanell! You were very open and shared tons of details, inspiration, and motivation with us! In fact, we’ve saved some of her details, inspiration, and motivation exclusively for our Twitter followers! @ShesaBossNY we are your mental muse and Czhanell’s words are perfect for stimulating the mind!
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  2. stylish AND puts together a good meal? thats whats up. very inspiring Lady Sparkle. keep makin it do.